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Pâte de Verre and lampworked soft glass spheres . Poured concrete. 130 cm x 70 cm x 40 cm. 2019. 


The project Outside the box explores the relationship between fine fragility and strict, heavy geometry. It consists of several solid concrete cubes, all are shaped the same but modified in several sizes, placed in an orthogonal order to each other. These cubes are partly vegetated by colourful thin hollow glass bubbles and freely opening Pâte de Verre de Verre structures.

By focussing on these contrary characteristics, Outside the box visualizes the act of outgrowing an established system.

The concrete boxes constitute certain rules and norms which we get confronted with in our culture, which we have to adapt to in order to fit in our society. Conformity to this linear and strict thinking can effect us to miss our sense for our natural needs as humans.  One can lose orientation within these norms the same way that one can lose connectivity to nature between a city´s skyscraper landscape.

Still, this established system can be outgrown by creativity, by a blooming curiosity for life. Its brittle courage can dare to keep on opening to a world beyond society´s regulations. Even though it might be fragile and therefore perceived as weak, in knowing its own value and beauty, this pursuit proves to have ongoing trust in its surroundings. In embracing its own characteristics, it becomes something worth being cared for. Also, it inspires and allows others to do the same.

In the end, fragility also teaches us to understand that some things are not meant to last forever, that some things can get destroyed, even if we don´t want them to. Therefore, we are better off celebrating these values.

Photos: Guido Weggenmann, Patrizia Mund 

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