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Two furnace shaped big beads, glass paint written on top. 13 cm x 14 cm (3,5 kg) und 13 cm x 11 cm. 2019.

Don´t we all have a package to carry? What is it that keeps us striving for accomplishments? 

These were the questions which I was facing on my 5.5 hours mountain hike carrying a 3.5 kilogramm heavy bead around my neck. 

Beads get loaded with a higher spiritual meaning in many religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Bussdhism, Hinduism and more. These religions also tend to practice pilgrimage for a vary of reasons. I wanted to connect these ideas with the reasons why I am so passionate about creating beads. So I covered my giant bead with mantras who were supposed to remind me on my beliefs and to support me on my hike. 

Another point which got added to that was to question the weight of property. Some of us wear jewellery every day and most of us consider it to be a very precious thing to own. So, if we had to walk an enormous distance or - in the worst case - if we had to flee, what would we really take with us? 

Another interesting aspect is the ethymological origin of the german word for jewellery, "Schmuck": It derives from the meaning to press oneself into something. 

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