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Constellation of four glass panes hanging from the ceiling, 19 mm float glass, cold worked and polished. Lampworked glass beads. Shell, wire structures and human tooth.

4 x 26,7 cm x 43,2 cm x 17 cm. 2017.

This project consists of four 19mm float glass panes, freely shaped, hanging from the ceiling. Several wire structures grow out of these panes, carrying multi-layered glass beads, shells, teeth, stones and other findings in order to represent life´s surprising twists which appear whenever they are not expected to.

The panes got coldworked without making exact drafts before hands. The idea about this project was all about letting go of geometrical rules and about treating the glass not as a medium for transformation of the artist, but vice versa. By letting the coldworking machines, the glass itself, the light and the water decide upon the creation process, the glass got emancipated for its own sake. Therefore, I do not define myself to be the active artist in this project, but to act like the medium for the glasses transformation.

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